About Us

What makes us tick!

base2Services is a recognised leader in Cloud Delivery, Operations and Management that specialises in DevOps, AWS and cloud-native computing. Since 2014 we have expanded our international presence and continue to grow globally. Our clients are organisations experiencing pressure to deliver a faster, better service to their customers. We help our clients achieve their goals by providing an environment where they can reach their full potential-without the fear of failing systems. This allows our clients to scale their business, and be confident their technology is working effectively.

Founded in 2005 we have expertise in all cloud technology platforms. We've worked with Amazon Web Services for over a decade, and our extensive knowledge covers all of the tools and systems required to ensure your cloud environment provides the highest level of service to your business. The dynamics of cloud technology has seen our expertise leveraged into the Azure platform and we continue to challenge ourselves to deliver through services.

Since our beginnings, we've helped implement and manage cloud –based systems for customers from large to start ups. (or upstarts). The common recurring thread is the need to support business change.

We understand the complexity of running an accessible and high performance cloud system, and how each business application has its own specific needs.

The base2 team is skilled in the implementation, management, operations, maintenance and support of leading cloud systems with a focus on providing our clients with security, automation, scalability and recovery features. Our team's extensive knowledge and experience with cloud applications and their development make deployments an easy and affordable process for our clients.

In addition, we are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for our information security management system (ISMS) for cloud development and operations, and CPS234 compliant, which gives our clients the confidence that we are committed to the security of our and our clients' sensitive data.


The cloud technology market is changing rapidly. Companies need to regularly update and enhance their application environment to ensure their business has the best processes in place. At base2, our team implement the processes required to ensure your business applications run smoothly. As the cloud technology market is dynamic, it requires a new partnership approach that puts development, operations, continuous integration and process analysis at the forefront of IT delivery.

We work as a trusted development partner for our customers. We deliver a true platform-as-a-service by providing customised native-cloud tools that get the best out of your applications. Our methodology, along with our commitment to deliver results for our clients, is aimed at delivering the scale, performance and usability that your business needs in order to succeed and grow.

Why us

We've worked in the cloud and development space for over a decade, delivering successful cloud deployments to hundreds of customers in many different industries.

Here's some reasons to work with our team:

  • We don't believe in putting out fires, but avoiding fires in the first place.
  • We're easy to deal with and have a track record of success.
  • We know it’s a services architecture and that is the paradigm shift for delivery and speed.
  • We're transparent and clearly structure our efforts to align with your success.
  • We know which cloud technologies and tools to assign to your application stack.
  • We apply a lean and agile process framework to your development teams.
  • We know how to transition legacy applications to the cloud.
  • We have an automate first policy.
Sometimes it's good to be disruptive. We don't focus on the lift and shift solution for our clients. We focus on agile solutions that are scripted, repeatable and scalable—and can adapt and change with your business needs.

Work with Us

Take a look at our process to see how we work with you to achieve your goals, or get in touch with us to discuss your business challenges.